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Aluminum Bleachers, Grandstands and Benches

Heartland Seating over the years has developed a unique relationship with not just one but two aluminum bleacher providers. Outdoor Aluminum of Geneva, Alabama and American Aluminum Seating Inc of Marshaltown, Iowa both have excellent reputations and are known within the industry for their expertise and long history of being a dependable provider of aluminum stands and grandstands. Although both providers are capable of similar products, Heartland Seating has found that each brings to the industry special knowledge and expertise.

Outdoor Aluminum provides Heartland Seating with the finest system for grandstands in the business. Their rock-solid understructure and attention to detail is evident in the structures they provide. Heartland Seating is proud to represent Outdoor Aluminum in many facets but are truly pleased to be able to represent their product lines which have proven to withstand the volatile elements of the Midwest climate while retaining their attractive appearance for years to come.

American Aluminum Seating Inc is yet another manufacturer Heartland Seating is proud to represent. AASI has the ability to be flexible. Their knowledge of building code is invaluable for renovation projects and they offer unique and innovative solutions without losing code compliance. The family owned and operated company is adaptable and always looking for a way to provide their customers (and Heartland's) the specific seating solution they require.

American Aluminum also has the absolute rights to represent the Hide-A-Bench. This clever solution is perfect for the pre-existing facility to add seating without losing their floor space. Do not hesitate to call Heartland Seating to learn more about this innovative answer to elementary or auxiliary gyms or multi-purpose facilities. Heartland Seating is also able to provide portable timer stands, team and dugout bench seating, picnic tables and much more.

If your facility/complex needs aluminum stands for 40, benches for team seating or grandstands to seat 3,500. Heartland Seating is uniquely qualified to have the right product for you.

Call our knowledgeable sales staff soon at (800) 398-5665.
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