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Indoor Telescopic Bleachers

Heartland Seating Inc is the name to know in the Midwest for any type of indoor bleachers.  We exclusively represent Interkal, LLC telescoping seating systems - an industry leader and innovator. Sculptured Seat Modules in two comfort options, stadium and platform chairs and bench seating allow us to engineer a complete seating package for your gymnasium or multi-purpose facility.

Designed for durability, comfort and appearance, Interkal Telescopic Bleachers have it all. Event personnel love their ease of operation and maintenance. They are easy to clean and sweep with no debris traps or exposed hardware. Patrons love the versatility of color choices and customizable accessories such as end curtains and lettering options. Owners love the safety features with removable pendant controls for motorization, rear closure panels and aisle/end rails that exceed applicable code requirements.

Whether your project is large or small, renovation or new construction, we have Interkal seating solution to meet your needs and fit your budget. Heartland Seating will provide superior counsel during the design phase for building code and ADA compliance without excessive seat count loss. Our highly trained sales and in-house staff are eager to make your facility the talk of the town.

Stadium or Platform chairs add more than just support. They add that VIP feel.  Backrests and Interkal's exclusive Comfoback also give your patrons additional comfort while providing great sightlines for event participation. The options for upgrading your current or future seating system are vast. Let Heartland Seating representatives give you the straight talk about this investment in your facility and your community. Call us at (913) 268-0069.
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